Who are we?

We are Marcella & Tim, a young couple from Canada who love travel and adventure. We are not your average couple, found sipping margaritas at a resort in Mexico. We like to hit up places that are wild and adventurous, and though we do love beach destinations, we’ll be the ones with sand in our hair and water in our ears as we take on the latest watersports. When we travel, we’re the ones carrying huge backpacks, riding the local buses and getting recommendations from locals on which sights to see and which places to miss. We enjoy exploring every crevasse of each destination we travel to and pride ourselves on being that way. Learn more about our story on our “About Us” page.

What is our blog about?

Specializing in adventure travel, budget travel and beach destinations (our favourite!), our blog’s mission is to encourage others like us to experience life outside of the box. A World With You provides budget travel tips, videos, detailed backpacking stories, and trip planning resources for your next adventure. Our purpose is to inspire you to get out and see the world! Get started on our “Blog” page.

Who is it for?

A World With You is designed for younger couples on a budget who seek travel and adventure in their lives. If you are someone who enjoys thinking outside the box when you travel, you belong here. If you are constantly wondering if there’s more to life than the status quo, this is the place to inspire you. If you’re always dreaming of your next adventure and wondering how to make it happen, follow us and we can show you how to get it done.

Why should you follow us? 

Having traveled together since 2008, we know our way around parts of this world. We have epic stories and sound advice for your budget travel needs. Throughout our bold travels, we have gained life experience beyond our years and we know that sharing our adventures can teach others what we know. There’s more to life than working a 9 to 5 corporate job, drinking at the local bar every weekend, buying lots of “stuff,” and settling down. There is real adventure out there! Follow us and you will see! Get started by heading to our “Blog” page and reading our latest posts.