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July 2016

Why We Keep Going Back to Hawaii Every Year

It’s no secret that Tim and I love Hawaii. But why do we subject ourselves to this gorgeous part of the world every year? Let us count the ways.  The weather is a perfect temperature all year long. In the… Continue Reading →

10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Cuba

Arriving in Cuba, we were confronted with the sweltering heat, the honking taxi horns, the quick-speaking Spanish language and the Cuban customs we knew little of. While we were only there for eight days, this proved long enough for us to… Continue Reading →

8 Spanish Phrases You Need to Know Besides “Dos cervezas, por favor”

When traveling throughout both Cuba and Costa Rica, you will meet a lot of Spanish-speaking residents. While some of them may speak English, I find it’s not only part of the adventure to try their language, but also incredibly respectful as… Continue Reading →

How to Save Money and Travel the World

Do you long to travel and see the world? Do you wonder how you’ll ever make that happen? And if you’ll ever find the time? It might seem impossible to make your dream of traveling come true, but if anyone… Continue Reading →

How to Find a Cheap Flight

What has contributed to our ability to travel as much as we have has been the access to cheap flights. Finding cheap flights is a process and requires you to cut through all of the noise provided by MANY travel agents,… Continue Reading →

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