Let’s hit the road and throw out the map. Wherever we go, we won’t look back. Cuz we’re going places and we’re going there fast.

-Jason Mraz, “A World With You”

What is A World With You all about?

A World With You is made up of Marcella & Tim, a 30-something married couple who love adventure travel. We can’t get enough of beach destinations, but we’ll go wherever the wind will take us. We’re here to inspire you to get out and explore the world!

About Marcella

P1300889Hi! My name is Marcella and traveling makes me feel alive. Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, my family and I weren’t big travellers. We did, however, spend our summers at my grandparents’ lake, living it up by paddle boarding, waterskiing and kneeboarding. In grade twelve, I went to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico with a friend’s family and I fell in love with the ocean. To this day, the sea has the capability of mesmerizing me into a kind of calm I can’t even begin to experience in “the real world.” As I neared my mid-20’s, I got a strong urge to explore this amazing planet we live on, knowing full well there had to be more to life than just the everyday.

Without much thought, I booked a group tour through Thailand for a month and life as I knew it had changed. The delicious food, lively culture, friendly people, stunning beaches, and wild adventures I faced…it was an extraordinary time! Travel is in my blood now and it’s something I don’t think I could ever let go of. It allows me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in ways I never thought possible. It opens my mind to possibilities I never even dreamed of. And it confirms to me that there’s more to life than what society lets you think. The greatest lesson travel has taught me about life–the journey is the destination.

About Tim


Hi! My name is Tim and traveling allows me to be myself. I have always been curious and filled with a longing for adventure, ask my parents! I have also been raised to be very pragmatic about my choices in life, which is not very easy in the society that we live in. As much as I was raised to look for a career, my parents were always pivotal in the expansion of my brother and sisters’ understanding of life. Through extensive family vacations in the station wagon throughout Canada and the United States, and frequent trips out to the lake to go sailing, we learned that life is not worth it without play time. They took this even further when they purchased a time share in Honolulu, Hawaii and that’s what really changed my life forever. From the age of ten, I have traveled over 20 times to the Hawaiian Islands and have really come to embrace them as both my paradise and my home away from home. Those adventures I experienced in the islands expanded my desire to travel to new cultures and strange lands, but I know I will always find a way back to Hawaii.

Our Journey Together

10421_73297994998_507084998_636442_2783808_n_2Tim and I started our journey together in the summer of 2008 and from our second date we were already talking about plans to see the world. Within 8 months of dating, we had booked our first trip together to the Hawaiian Islands. Then just 4 months later, a trip to Costa Rica. Our biggest adventure together was the 15 months spent abroad, backpacking through Australia and Southeast Asia. What a challenging, yet exciting year that was! (More on that later…) We have since traveled to Hawaii a bunch more times, road tripped to parts of the States, backpacked around Cuba and Iceland, and enjoyed some of our home country of Canada as well. And all we ever hear from friends and family is, “You’re so lucky! How do you do it?!”

Let’s be honest for a minute. Neither of us work the best paying jobs back in Canada. We are only allowed two-three weeks of paid vacation a year. Yet somehow, through all these years together, we have found a way to travel. Whether it’s the fact that we have sacrificed promotions to keep part-time statuses or worked extra hours to take more time off. Sometimes in order to travel, we give up on other things we love, like new clothes and tech gadgets, just so we can afford an upcoming trip. We cut coupons to save every penny we can at the grocery store. Similarly, we are both enrolled in credit cards that allow for us to collect travel points. Our biggest sacrifice, however, was living with my parents for an extended amount of time in order to save extra cash.

A World With You camping in the Australian outback.

And saving is only half of it; the rest has been educating ourselves about budget travel by reading up on popular blogs and websites to find out exactly how to travel the smart way, the cheaper way, and the unique way. Fellow wanderers that we meet along the way have also helped give us some inventive tricks.

In all seriousness, it’s not luck. If there’s a will, there’s a way. You better believe that.

And so for this reason, we have decided to start A World With You. We want to share our stories, adventures, and even our frustrations with you, so you can be just as “lucky” as we are.