Following along in our Lonely Planet travel book, we read about this new thermal pool in the town of Hofsós, Iceland, so we decided to veer off the beaten path to get there. Hofsós is located on the Tröllaskagi peninsula, an area with sky-high mountains and desolation resembling the West Fjords, located just west of the popular northern town of Akureyri.

When we arrived at 4:30 pm, the pool was not yet open, with hours in the morning and evening only, so we took the opportunity to wander down to the waterfront to explore the area. The view of the bay with the silhouettes of endless mountains was magnificent. Jutting out of the water were dark basalt columns, forming what seemed like a staircase and making for a perfect spot to sit and drink tea from our thermos.

When we were finally able to enter the pool, it was everything we needed and more. It was an infinity pool, having been carved into the side of the mountain overlooking the inlet and beautiful landscape of mountains opposite us. There were only a handful of people quietly swimming in the warm water. It had all of the ingredients for a magical sunset.

There were only a few people present for this sunset, but all were quietly taking in this magical experience.


Tim & Marcella