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Beautiful Sunset in Iceland

Following along in our Lonely Planet travel book, we read about this new thermal pool in the town of Hofsós, Iceland, so we decided to veer off the beaten path to get there. Hofsós is located on the Tröllaskagi peninsula, an… Continue Reading →

5 Cool Things You’ll Find in Reykjavik, Iceland

Just forty-eight hours into our vacation to Iceland and we are twitching in our chairs with anticipation of what is coming next because any picture you find of this country is pure magic. However, one thing we didn’t expect to find is… Continue Reading →

Packing for Iceland: Are we prepared?

Here we are, just one day out from embarking on our next adventure. We are heading to the mystical country of Iceland for 17 days. This will be our first adventure to a location that doesn’t involve the warmest of weather… Continue Reading →

Under the hot Cuban sun: How a 30 minute bike ride turned into a 3 hour adventure

During our three day stay in Trinidad, a lovely old colonial town on the south coast of Cuba, we took the advice of our Lonely Planet book and decided to rent a bike to ride to the beach. It was… Continue Reading →

Sunrise on top of Haleakala

Also know as The Valley Isle, Maui is world famous and for good reason. Maui has one of the most interesting geographical designs due to the second largest volcano in the islands, Haleakala. The highest point of the volcano tops out… Continue Reading →

12 of the most picturesque places in Australia

Looking back at our time in Australia, one thing is clear: it is an absolutely breathtaking country. From gorgeous white-sand beaches and fiery red gorges to deserted roads and tropical rainforests, this amazing country has it all. Compiling a list… Continue Reading →

15 Things You Must Do on Oahu

Oahu is known is the ‘Gathering Place’ and we couldn’t describe it more perfectly. It is a bustling island in Hawaii, with the major city of Honolulu as its focal point. Honolulu is a trendy metropolis with major tourist streets… Continue Reading →

Why We Keep Going Back to Hawaii Every Year

It’s no secret that Tim and I love Hawaii. But why do we subject ourselves to this gorgeous part of the world every year? Let us count the ways.  The weather is a perfect temperature all year long. In the… Continue Reading →

10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Cuba

Arriving in Cuba, we were confronted with the sweltering heat, the honking taxi horns, the quick-speaking Spanish language and the Cuban customs we knew little of. While we were only there for eight days, this proved long enough for us to… Continue Reading →

8 Spanish Phrases You Need to Know Besides “Dos cervezas, por favor”

When traveling throughout both Cuba and Costa Rica, you will meet a lot of Spanish-speaking residents. While some of them may speak English, I find it’s not only part of the adventure to try their language, but also incredibly respectful as… Continue Reading →

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