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Canada is a country like no other. You will often hear the saying, “The world needs more Canada.” Why? Well, we are known for being kind, respectful and open-minded. We pride ourselves on being multicultural. We have “funny” accents, enjoy drinking beer and love watching hockey. And we thrive outdoors, despite being up north in the snow and cold for half the year. Canada is a remarkably beautiful country. It’s a giant playground full of rocky mountains, oceans, lakes and grassy prairies. Tim and Marcella grew up here, but it’s funny how travellers are so quick to forget their own backyards. Quickly they are learning that between the big trips, there is nothing more exciting that seeing what their own country has to offer.

Ice Fishing in Calgary, Canada

When it’s freezing cold in the dead of the winter, there’s just a few things to do outdoors. Ice fishing at Chestermere Lake in Alberta is one of them. This past winter, some of our best Aussie friends stopped in… Continue Reading →

Banff National Park-Canada’s Oldest National Park

Banff National Park is famous not only for it’s beauty and accessibility, but because it is Canada’s oldest national park. The gates to the park are located a short 45 minute drive from the northern tip of Calgary, just past… Continue Reading →

Dogsledding in Canada-A Winter Adventure in Canmore, Alberta

Dogsledding in the Canadian Rockies is a great activity for you and yours. Located in the picturesque mountain town of Canmore, Alberta, the scenery during your tour will leave you breathless. We used a family owned and operated company called… Continue Reading →

The Canadian Outback

Even though the climate can be harsh and relentless, Canada is filled with incredible off-the-beaten-path places to discover. Highlighting the beautiful backcountry of the Canadian Rockies, watch this video as Tim explores our home country via snowboard. Please be advised,… Continue Reading →

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