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Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles,” and rightfully so. Not only are the Thai people incredibly friendly, but you’ll notice that once you spend some time there, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

There is so much to appreciate about this country. Because of the islands that surround the mainland, there are so many gorgeous, white-sand beaches to choose from, each one with their own personality. We instantly fell in love with the tropical beaches and towering limestone cliffs in Railay, one of our favourite spots. You can kayak around for just $20 a day and then spend the night eating delicious Pad Thai at one of their live-music restaurants. Koh Samui, in contrast, is a lively island famous for its resort-lined beach, explosive muay thai fights and fantastic ladyboy shows. Another favourite, Koh Samet, which is on a tiny island in the Gulf of Thailand, is quiet and mellow, allowing you to escape everyday life while you lounge on the beach all day. The modern cityscape and bustling surroundings of Bangkok can keep you busy for days. Koh San Road is famous for its shopping and nightlife, but that is just one of many spots to discover in Bangkok. On this strip, you’ll see Thai ladies giving foot massages on the side of the road and the men trying to convince you to eat deep-fried bugs, all while trying to barter for the latest t-shirt or trinket with a drink in your hand. No visit to Thailand is complete without walking this road at least once. In and around the city, you can visit ornate palaces and ancient ruins that will have you mesmerized by their detail and beauty, and curious about their history and strong belief in Buddha.

On top of all it’s natural beauty and interesting sights, the food here is amazing. They serve delicious banana pancakes in the morning and flavourful stirfry by night. Of course, you can wash those down with the cheapest of drinks. That’s another thing that makes this destination so fantastic–the cost. Your dollar will go a very long way in Thailand, allowing you to live like the king or queen you always wanted to be. It’s no wonder so many young people travel here.

Thailand is a must-see destination for young budget travellers. You will not leave disappointed. We can honestly say, having been to Thailand 3x already, we still cannot wait to go back again someday.


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