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This is why you must visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

A special place in a magical country, the Blue Lagoon is a must see for any traveler visiting Iceland.

Beautiful Sunset in Iceland

Following along in our Lonely Planet travel book, we read about this new thermal pool in the town of Hofsós, Iceland, so we decided to veer off the beaten path to get there. Hofsós is located on the Tröllaskagi peninsula, an… Continue Reading →

Packing for Iceland: Are we prepared?

Here we are, just one day out from embarking on our next adventure. We are heading to the mystical country of Iceland for 17 days. This will be our first adventure to a location that doesn’t involve the warmest of weather… Continue Reading →

Sunrise on top of Haleakala

Also know as The Valley Isle, Maui is world famous and for good reason. Maui has one of the most interesting geographical designs due to the second largest volcano in the islands, Haleakala. The highest point of the volcano tops out… Continue Reading →

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