When traveling, do you ever stop and just feel, taste, smell and completely experience the event? What is it about this place that makes people, animals and vegetation stay here? or not stay here?

Recently we have thought about this idea a bit deeper as to what it is about exploring new places that we are attracted to and what it is about those places we keep going back to that has us returning. In order to develop this self awareness you must stop for a moment and meditate. You must let your senses peak and get in touch with what they are saying.

We have come up with a little game we play together called The 6 Senses, which we will introduce you to later, but this video was developed with these senses in mind. One of the main reasons we continue to return over and over to the Hawaiian Islands is it’s natural wonders. The ocean, mountains, beach and sun. We made this video with this in mind, in hopes of show casing WHY Hawaii is one of the greatest places on earth and WHY you must visit one day.

We love nature and everything it does to us. Hawaii has a unique ecosystem and is a nature lovers paradise. We wanted to celebrate it, show you why we keep going back!

TELL US of your favourite PLACE to TRAVEL and WHY!



Tim & Marcella