When traveling it is important to be prepared for the conditions so that you can best experience all of unique and memorable times. Read below to find out what we wear and use on our trips and why we choose what we do.


When preparing for Iceland we were constantly warned of the unpredictable weather. This included major snow storms (blizzards), downpours and windstorms. Here is what we chose to wear to protect us from the elements and why.

  1. Arc’teryx Shell


Arc’teryx gets it’s roots and design from the Canadian wilderness, which can be one of the harshest climates to travel. Their products have created their reputation for them, as they are rugged and effective. They are teamed with Gore-Tex, which makes the best waterproof materials in the world. It is this combination that truly allowed Marcella to be comfortable and enjoy all that Iceland threw at her.

We visited for 17 days in October and it was incredibly windy and wet. It was the Gore-tex membrane as part of the Arc’teryx jacket that allowed Marcella to not only see the highlights, but go for multiple long hikes and still be comfortable.

2. Arc’teryx Cor-loft mid layer coat

Much like down, the Cor-loft insulation is extremely efficient at retaining heat, while being light. For travellers the great thing about this material is how packable it is. This coat can easily squish into a little ball, making it very easy to travel with. When it wasn’t raining, this was Marcella’s go-to coat in Iceland. Beside’s being a great tech choice, this jacket is stylish and timeless.

3. The North Face Venture Jacket & Oakley Sanctuary Sunglasses

The North Face is another brand that excels in outdoor performance. With a long and successful history in extreme outdoor activities, TNF is a very safe option for anyone traveling to climate with a variety of weather. The Venture jacket is a staple in the light outdoor clothing line of TNF. It has North Face’s Hyvent technology that much like Gore-tex is a multi-layer material that optimizes water repellency while being breathable (no sticky feeling).

When it comes to eye protection and style, there is one brand that is synonymous with this reality… Oakley. The lead the industry in almost every category: clarity, durability, style and just being really awesome. The ladies sunglass line is perfect for that stylish woman who does not want sacrifice performance. The Sanctuary is lightweight and comfortable and a must have for anyone looking to stay stylish while exploring the outdoors.