Watching sunsets is one of our most favourite things to do together. No matter what is going on, we will drop everything to chase one down, too. Read on to learn of the most spectacular sunsets we’ve seen in our travels and the stories surrounding them.

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Our last trip to Hawaii gifted us with the most spectacular sunset we’ve ever witnessed. This is saying something because a) Hawaiian sunsets are always amazing and b) we’ve seen some incredible sunsets in our time together. It was our first night on Oahu and we had spent the day at Sunset Beach, soaking up the sun and watching surfers rip it in the waves. As the sun started to go down, we made our way along the beach to a quiet spot we had never been to. With Ritz crackers in hand, we watched the sun slowly make its way to the horizon line then started back to our car once it disappeared. Interestingly, each time we looked back, the sky surprised us with more and more colour until this breathtaking wave of pink and purple took over. It was gorgeous! They don’t call it Sunset Beach for nothing.

The most beautiful sunset we ever did see was at Sunset Beach on Oahu this past summer.

Geraldton, West Australia

Called the Greenough leaning trees, these are worth a stop off the highway on any regular day. This natural phenomenon is apparently caused by the salt content in the prevailing winds and makes for an incredible sight to see. We got even luckier by passing by these leaning trees at just the right time: sunset. The sky was on fire that night!

The leaning trees outside of Geraldton in West Australia.

Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

In order to get a sailboat ride in Port Douglas, travellers have to woo the boat owners with beer and good charm before take off. It’s a very strange tradition, but one that works well for the captains, we suppose. Well, we must’ve done something right because we got on one of the last sailboats on our last night in Port Douglas and thank goodness we did! The sunset was gorgeous that night! To add to the fun, we even got invited for a dinner afterwards as well. Gotta love the spontaneity of travel!

Port Douglas in Australia is known for its sunset sailboat rides.

Mauna Kea, Big Island, Hawaii

On our second trip to the Big Island, we went all the way up to the top of Mauna Kea with a tour. (We tried on our own a few years prior, but cars can only drive as far as the observatory). Sitting at 4,207 metres above sea level, the temperatures were mighty cold. Thankfully the tour guide provided us with parkas and mitts, then we layered socks under our sandals to keep our feet from freezing. All that shivering was worth it when watching the sunset fall below the clouds; those views made for an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Watching the sunset below the clouds atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii is an unforgettable experience.

Krafla, Lake Myvatn, Iceland

We saw plenty of sunsets in Iceland, but this one in particular stood out for us. We had spent the day exploring the Lake Myvatn area, full of volcanoes, caves and hikes. Krafla is a hotbed for volcanic activity. In fact, on various parts of the climb up, the ground was literally steaming. We were alone except for one other couple (this is true for most of Northern Iceland). From up top, watching the sunset over the barren land made it seem even more magical and unreal.

The sun setting behind the otherworldly volcanoes in Iceland.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

We loved the surf vibe atmosphere of Tamarindo when we visited in 2009. The waves here come in perfect sets for surfing, swimming and bodyboarding; the sand is a soft, brown sugar texture. It really is a lovely beach to hang out on. Having spent the day there building sand “castles” (i.e. sand piles), we watched the sun go down together, soaking up every last bit of warmth. It was a beautiful evening and one we won’t soon forget.

Our footprints got lost in the waves as the sunset turned everything pink in Tamarindo.

Angkor, Cambodia

Any Cambodian sunset is worth writing home about. The sun there is such a dark orange and with the cool silhouettes of the historic temples, the result is mesmerizing. While waiting for this particular sunset, local monkeys entertained us by sitting on the fence and giving us the stink eye. We are not sure why, maybe all the influx of tourists? Regardless, once the sun dipped low enough, all of us, monkeys included, hushed up and watched the beauty unfold.

An iconic shot of the Angkor temples in Cambodia.

Cape Range National Park, Exmouth, West Australia

After having waited in our car overnight to get a paid camping spot in Cape Range National Park, we enjoyed a number of days exploring the area. There are fantastic beaches, snorkelling spots and hikes here, but what we remember most is one of the pinkest skies we’ve ever laid eyes on after what seemed like just an ordinary sunset going down. This, of course, after seeing a cute, albeit spiky, echidna in the wild! A very rewarding travel day indeed.

Pink sky at night, sailor’s delight. We found this in Exmouth, Australia.

Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii

Hanalei Bay sunsets will not disappoint. We even got our wedding photos here because the spot is just so scenic, especially with the silhouetted pier. This was our last night in Hanalei when we visited this past July and we had a grande time trying out fun silhouettes. Our first attempts at handstands and cartwheels were quite abysmal (we’ll have to show you some blooper videos of Tim bailing!), so the fact that this cartwheel worked out made the sunset even sweeter that night.

Trying fun silhouette pictures on Hanalei Bay.

Uluru, Australia

Since neither of us are really morning people, watching Uluru change colours at sunset was way more memorable than watching the sunrise. The fifty shades of red and orange that Uluru became was just the coolest thing to see and since the rock is so significant to the Native culture here, it’s something we were very happy to explore and experience.

Watching Uluru change colours at sunset was a brilliant experience.

Noosa, Queensland, Australia

This sunset at Noosa beach was particularly spectacular because of the circumstances we had found ourselves in. For the month prior, we had been nannies for a bunch of misfit kids in town and were overworked and exhausted. It was our last night before moving on and the sunset gods were singing, “Hallelujah!” right along with us.

A tranquil sunset on the beach in Noosa, Australia.

Derby, West Australia

While we enjoyed our 5 week adventure through the Outback of Australia and the town of Darwin with fellow travellers we met along the way, by the time we made it to the West coast of Australia, we were thankful to be on our own. Again, the universe agreed. Just look at the brilliant sunset we witnessed over a bowl of fresh salad while Skyping with Tim’s parents. It was a perfect welcome to the West coast.

A warm welcome when we arrived in Derby and spent our first night on the West coast of Australia.

Hideaways Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

I stumbled upon this beach before Tim and I got married in 2015. I spent one of my last “single girl” days on this little stretch of sand and fell in love with it for its privacy and tranquility. Of course, I had to bring Tim back, so this past summer we spent the day there. We soaked up the sun and watched as it fell to the horizon, lighting up the sky and sea in such a perfect way.

Hideaways beach left us wanting more, gifting us with this beautiful sunset.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We can’t possibly leave out our home country, can we?! This colourful, peaceful sunset was witnessed this past summer in our home town of Calgary, Canada at the Glenmore Reservoir. It’s a beautiful spot in the middle of the city where you can bike, walk, run, canoe, sail or simply watch the sunset. We showed up just in time to watch the sky paint us a picture.

Enjoy a peaceful sunset on Glenmore Reservoir in south Calgary.

Tell us, where have you seen brilliant sunsets in your travels?

Peace & love,

Marcella & Tim

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