It’s no secret that Tim and I love Hawaii. But why do we subject ourselves to this gorgeous part of the world every year? Let us count the ways. The sun is almost always out in Hawaii.

The weather is a perfect temperature all year long. In the islands, it is a balmy 28 degrees celsius pretty much every single day. Are there rainstorms? Sometimes. Is there a breeze? Yes, just enough to make that 28 degrees feel like 25 degrees, which is what most people max out at. And when you’re planning a trip here you don’t have to worry about any major seasons to deal with. In summer, the humidity levels might be higher in the more tropical areas of the islands and the ocean water feels a bit warmer, but other than that, the weather in Hawaii is simply perfection.

Hawaii is a tropical paradise with all the comforts of home. Traveling to the islands allows you to have the best of both worlds. You feel like a million miles away from home when you’re surrounded by glistening teal water and dramatic, lush mountains while smelling the clean fresh air and lazing on the soft sand. Yet in Hawaii there are popular North American restaurants, numerous shops and tons of services for all of your needs. Buses run on a few of the islands or you can drive North American rental cars at your leisure. Food eaten at home is very easily found in grocery stores on the islands. Not to mention most islands have a number of ABC stores (convenience shops with souvenirs) for all your basic needs and more! They even have a Costco on the more popular islands to stock up for long stays in accommodations with kitchens. And my favourite part, the toilets in the islands are as standard as you’d find at home (this is a big one for me–I have a teeny bladder!)

There are activities for every kind of traveler. On the Hawaiian islands, there are endless options of things to do. For vacationers who enjoy big city living, shopping and entertainment, head to Oahu. For adventure seekers, head to the Big Island for volcanoes, snorkelling and star gazing. Those who just want to get away from it all can head to the quiet, sleepy tropical paradise that is Kauai. And for those who want it all, head to Maui, which combines all of the best parts of the other major islands. And while some of the biggest surf competitions happen in Hawaii’s waters, there are still numerous family-friendly places to swim and enjoy some easy-going water activities.

Flights are cheap. Coming from Canada, flights can cost as little as $350-400 departing from Calgary depending on the time of year. Add just a couple hundred for someone traveling from Winnipeg, Canada. How amazing is that, right? There are also so many direct flights available to the Hawaiian islands now that flying times are better than ever.

Romance is in the air. It’s true what they say, Hawaii is one of the most romantic places on earth. The idyllic beaches and colourful sunsets, not to mention the sweet smelling plumeria trees, will having travellers falling in love in no time at all. They even use the word “aloha” to say hello. (Hint=according to Wikipedia, the word “aloha” means affection, peace, compassion and mercy in the Hawaiian language). Now you can understand why we chose this gorgeous destination for our wedding last year.

De-stress with island life. Being surrounded by nothing but ocean water lifts a weight off your shoulders you never knew you had. While there are the comforts of home present, everything seems to slow down in Hawaii, allowing for complete relaxation. Every time we go, we don’t want to come back.

The peaceful Hawaiian turtle sleeping on the black sand beach on the Big Island.

Turtles are everywhere! Let’s not forget these beloved sea creatures. In Hawaii, turtles could be lying on the beach on one island or surfing the waves on another. They are protected here as well, making them all the more prominent. Not seeing turtles on your visit to Hawaii is unheard of, which makes for a damn good reason to keep returning. Where else are you guaranteed to see wildlife as cool as a 100 year old sea turtle?!

Have you been to Hawaii? Tell us why you love it there in the comments below!